I have basically spent my whole Saturday on kpop, again. I watched GOT7’s Naver Starcast and their episode on MBC C-Radio ‘True Color’. So before I move on, I really wanna say that Mark is my bias from GOT7. I know people gonna say that GOT7 fandom is always about Mark, Jackson, Bambam. Well I don’t deny they are popular, and the reason I like Mark is because of his look (okay, u can judge me now.), and sexy rap, and how awesome he is ‘flying’ on the stage (well according to mark).

I had a lot of fun watching them and I found out Mark is probably not so quiet when he is off camera. And the members really love him. U know how there is always an evil member in every kpop group, in GOT7 its probably Mark or Jackson. THEY ARE REALLY EVIL. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. A lot of fans have been shipping JARK (Jackson and Mark) or JinJack or JackBam, but for me, I totally ship the JJ couple (JB and Jr.). After watching JinMark kiss and JARK kiss, I made a gif of how every GOT7 member wants a piece of Mark. muahahahaha


Screenshot taken from video:

So credits to the owner.

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