After having EXO on showtime season 1, MBC is going to do it again for another season with BEAST!

The first episode will be broadcast on 10th April. It is quite exciting and I think I will probably watch it if time allows cause it has been a while since BEAST been on a reality show together, I mean 6 of them together. In the first season when they have EXO, I feel that the production team didn’t do a great job, it is probably because they are inexperienced in this kind of show. Luckily EXO has 12 members, enough to make things interesting. I have a higher expectation for season 2 cause they should have know what to do and what not to do, and since BEAST have been in the biz for quite some time, it should be very interesting to see them. There is also possibilty that some of the CUBE family will be featured as well.

They have already released two teasers and BEAST subbing team has already subbed them. Do go and check them out.


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