So summary for my exo pre-comeback morning. Countdown to their comeback showcase 10 days, and teaser video on 7th, if SM doesn’t troll us. This morning the teaser came out late. I woke up slightly later cause I know today ain’t my UB teaser, cause it’s already out yesterday, so I feel like it can wait. I woke up 8.30am (local time) around 9.30am (korean time), and the teaser is not out! The next thing I do is go on twitter. BOOM!!! EXO IN AIRPORT PREVIEW! There is a whole lot of picture from fansites of EXO in Gimpo Airport about to go to Beijing for Jackie Chan’s Charity Conert. I wonder is this why they release the teaser late, cause they know that fan twitters are quite busy at the moment. If you haven’t seen their airport picture today, go and see it, and then SPAZZ! My favorite for the airport show today is Kris, although he is like the last on my bias list, he look extremely hot today. Chenchen looks equally charming today with a lil bit of chenstyle adorbness. He looks so cute with that hair! One thing that I am kinda dissapointed is they didn’t do anything to d.o’s hair for the comeback. I think it could be because of his commitment to the movie and drama so he can’t simply change his hairstyle. Hence there goes my dream with red-haired d.o for their comeback.

Around 9am (my time) they finally release the teaser. Today’s teaser is Chanyeol and Kris, which I bet you have already know. Chanyeol’s teaser is just like Lay’s, with no reflection. Kris’s teaser is just HAWT!!! Here you go.

exo_09 exo_10


I somehow feel like the order of their teaser release is according to their height. lol okay. Tommorow it would be either suho x xiumin or baekhyun x chen. I really love chen, so I might wake up earlier for it. That’s all for now.

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