How Kpop Changes My Life

To be very honest, I used to despise people who like kpop, cause I do not understand why do people like musics that they could barely understand, and drooling over people who had so many plastic surgeries. That is until I was forced into liking kpop, only to realize kpop is too good to be missed.

Before jumping into the whole kpop swamp, I have friends that listen to kpop, although not as hardcore as I am now, they listen to latest kpop music and they enjoyed it. I remember constantly telling them why are you listening to musics that you don’t understand, and how those singers look 80% and above alike. Even my sister is a kpopper and she listens to kpop all the time. Well the first time I actually listen to a full kpop song is when I was working at a supermarket as my holiday job, and unfortunately they played kpop song like 24/7. I ended up listening to kpop every single day while I was working there. I worked 10 hours a day and god knows only tiring it can be. In this 10 hours, the only thing that comfort me seems to be kpop music and slowly I was enjoying it, like my fellow colleague. I can still remember songs that they always played at that time were Ugly (2ne1), No Other (Suju), The Boys (SNSD), MAMA (EXO), Electric Shock (fx), Face (Nuest) and so on. One day after work, I feel like the music is still lingering in me, so I went home and ask my sister to find those songs for me, since I don’t know their names. This is where my whole journey begins. and I swear this changes my life from that point onwards.

To me, there are 4 stages of kpop fans. First stage is the just getting to know about kpop, and think that kpop is only about good looking people dancing on the stage with bad singing kind of fans. Then they progress into the next stage, which is the normal fans. They know about kpop, and can name at least 5 groups in 10 seconds. They are yet to be in any fandom but they do listen to kpop quite often. In stage 3, which I consider myself in is the hardcore fans. These are the fans that are definitely in at least 1 fandom. If you are in this stage, you most probably listen to kpop every day, can’t stop talking, thinking or reading about kpop stuffs for a day, and you know all the little details about your bias group. These includes those fans that will give almost anything to go to a fansign/concert/showcase, and those who own at least 1 kpop merchandise (official or not). If your friends insult your bias, and you are like this


then you are most probably in this stage. You can also name all the members of most of the popular group and knows about name of all the popular fandom cause you may have been in a fan war with them, if you are in stage 3. Well if this is stage 3, then you might be wondering how is stage 4. I know you were whispering the answer in your head. Yes, its sasaeng. Although I don’t really want to call them fan, but on the scale of 1 to 4 of obssessiveness in kpop, I feel like its only appropriate to put them in stage 4. If you are in stage 4, you are like in the end stage of a terminal illness, you are hopeless. No one can save you and I hope god bless your soul. Bitches in this stage usually invade kpop idols life, capture their every moment and view them under the microscope. They stalk them where ever they go, messing with their private life, drive idols into insanity, not hesitating in hurting idols, and if possible they hope to ruin their idols life. For those who are in stage 4 and are seeing this, I wish you all the best and your oppas actually hate you.

If you are reading this, I wanna say thank you for keeping up with my rant and please continue reading this. 

Kpop changes me in so many ways that I could possibly imagine. Me before kpop and me after kpop differs in that I learnt so many things for kpop. For example, I learnt a new language because of kpop. I learnt korean because I wanna be able to communicate with my idols if I ever get to meet them. Now I am able to write, read and understands basic korean. I may not be able to speak, cause its too awkward to speak a new language, I am trying my best to improve myself. Because of kpop, I also learnt how to appreciate talent. Non kpop community always view kpop as a bunch of koreans with so much alterations on their face, that only knows how to sell their face and body, but don’t know how to sing. Kpop is a talent that only us fans know how to appreciate. I have never seen people who can dance and sing so well at the same time before kpop and now I know these people are everywhere in kpop. This is something that the other music industries are not trained to do. If you think that they can’t sing, please get yourself a brain and think again. There are so many awesome singer in kpop that never cease to amaze me. Some people think that in a group of 5, only 1 or 2 can sing. Excuse me? its because the rest are in charge of other avenues! Some are in charge of rapping, some are in charge of dancing while some are in charge of the so-called visuals (although I feel that this role is a lil bit redundant cause all of them are good looking in their own way). Kpop is not only about music but also about style. After getting into kpop, my friends have been commenting that I dress very kpop-ish. I feel that I found a lot of inspiration about fashion from kpop. Well my fellow kpopper, you all gotta admit that kpop has great fashion. My sister likes kpop as much as I do, so we talk about it a lot. I feel like I bonded so much with her. Then of course at home we will always be about kpop that my parents know about kpop. My mom actually remember who are our biases and she also listens to them cause we are always playing kpop songs. It is great to bond with your family in a special way.

This blog is about me trying to share my thoughts about kpop and I hope that I get to be a part in spreading this hallyu wave. This will become a platform for me to spazz with the online community. I just realize that I have not mentioned about my fandom until now, which is one of the most important part of stage 3. If you are curious, do follow my blog because you know I will definitely mentioned them a lot of times.