Sorry I am a little late today cause I was a bit confused this morning. I woke up early this morning for the teaser. Honestly I was shocked! First I was stunned with d.o teaser. He looked so coolllllll!!! And then secondly, it is not Chen like they predicted yesterday, it is lay’s teaser today instead. The third and the most shocking one is that lay’s teaser is so different. U guys have to see it for yourself. It was so different I was wondering if sm uploaded the wrong teaser. And since they did not upload it on their official site but they posted it on their smtown now apps. So I was, and still confused. After a full 3 hours, I am now quite sure they are not gonna take it down and reupload it. Today I got these 2 photos from smtown now apps instead of from their official site.

Sigh, I am still shocked! Lay’s teaser looks like it is just cropped straight out from their group photo. What the hell? Today is not April’s fool day sm? I am seriously frantic now. Number 1, lay is in white, yes but not in suits like luhan and shun. Number 2, it doesn’t have like the mirror image kinda thing. NO FUCKING FAIR SM! *taking a deep breathe* I am not even a xingfan but I hope they have a good explanation for this.