Two more teaser photo came out today, which is Sehun and Tao


Sehun is wearing white shirt like Luhan did on his teaser yesterday! #hunhanfeels

Our maknae looks so manly in here, well he always does. fake maknae


I am not liking Tao’s photo, cause of the hat. I think he looks weird with the hat. Our panda can totally rock it without the hat. They made him look too hippie, instead of cool and manly. And I hope I am not the only one who think his upside down mirrored image is creepy. Look at his eyes! /cringe

While we are all wondering when is our bias teaser gonna come out, if they have not already, there are some speculation from fans going around that the teaser are released according to this. This was on their MAMA mv intro.


According to some of them, those names who are parallel to each other are going to have their teasers released together. For example kailu, and then today setao. And then they released those two pairs from the two end first, so I think it could be either soochen or krisyeol tomorrow.  I don’t think I am ever ready for kyungsoo’s teaser. I AM JUST NOT READY! /cries

Another thing that I feel like mentioning is that they already have a official website for EXO, as OT12, not just EXO-K and EXO-M. I didn’t know about this until I saw planet exo mentioned it on twitter.


So it looks the same like EXO-K and EXO-M official site, except that they did not include their schedule, fanboard, member’s message and staff diary in it. But you can see their teaser photo from there. Although it looks kinda empty now, but I am glad that they have the intention of putting both K and M together. I have a feeling that they are working on it and there will be more features on the official site after they come back. AND probably the thing that we have long awaited – our official fanclub!! Since before they are separating OT12 into K and M, they can’t have two fanclub for two subunit, while now they have already show their intention to put those 2 together, I am sure the announcement of official fanclub won’t be far away.